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What Do Pythians DO?


At a recent meeting, a conversation ensured regarding what the Pythians have to offer.


Other fraternal orders sponsor things like heart research, or operate orphanages or hospitals or camps. Someone said They all have ‘if you join, we have something’. What do Pythians have besides dinners?”


Our Grand Chancellor of New York at the time said “just to respond to what we just heard … yes we all have our individual charities and things we support upstate and downstate. Some are common to each other. But the real thread that’s common in the Knights of Pythias is so important when we are asked what do we do – we should answer, “We volunteer”. That’s what we do. And that is a common thread to everything that we do, whatever you want to label it, we do. If someone comes over to you and ask what we do, then you can list the things that your lodge does and ask them if they want to help volunteer.”


Another officer said that “in 1938 the Knights of Pythias started Pythian Camp. Over 30,000 underprivileged kids have enjoyed a free experience at camp. In 1995 at the midyear convention a medical staff tested Pythians who were there and found many of the men and women there had Diabetes. Since 1996 we have raised over $450,000 for the Juvenile Diabetes association. After we sold the Pythian Home in Ogdensburg, we invested the proceeds in the Morris Smoller fund which has donated over $1 million to hospitals, hospices, and research centers. If someone asks what we so, tell them about what we give to charities. Nobody knows for sure how much the Pythians give to charities, but it is well over a half a million dollars per year, and for an organization that has just over 11,000 members, to raise a half a million dollars, we should be proud of ourselves. That’s what the Pythians do. And if anyone asks what we do, tell them that we have spent over $50,000 to provide items to servicemen that are not supplied by the government.”


Pythians help people.


That’s what Pythians do.