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Message from Grand Chancellor Richard Resnick


Be The Change

Friendship is our most important product.

Like any other fraternal order, we are plagued with declining membership and increased costs. As Grand Chancellor you might ask how I am going to address these issues. I won’t. Together we will.

During the coming year there will be no “I,” but “We.” Failure is not an option. We must all concentrate on the future of the Knights of Pythias order. We need to all keep the same mindset to make the impossible possible.

At every Grand Lodge meeting I look at the wall with photos of past Grand Chancellors. I ask myself are we going to let them down. Those who worked so hard to keep our order afloat.

It is said many times young people won’t join. If they say it many times, they have no incentive to maintain membership.

A “one size fits all approach” does not work. We must convince them this isn’t your fathers’ Knights of Pythias.

I have assembled the best possible team to bring the Knights of Pythias into the future. We will put all failing attempts in the rear-view mirror. I must admit it’s a momentous task.

We must invest in the future. Possibilities must be turned into probabilities as we look into the future. Needless to say, my door is always open for new ideas.

It’s up to all of us to keep the Knights of Pythias going for future generations. WE ARE CHANGE. The future is now.

Membership and retention go hand in hand for survival of our glorious order. Earnest attempts to use whatever communication channels available to us to contact those who opted to terminate their relationship with Knights of Pythias must be undertaken. We cannot allow the hard work and dedication of past generations go to waste. We must put our trust in our future generations to carry on the legacy of our wonderful order. We must continue the 159-years of dedication to friendship, charity and benevolence brought forth by our predecessors.

Friendship is contagious. If you see a knight sitting alone go to them and extend your hand of friendship.

I will call on our Ritual Committee to formulate and carry on classes for newly elected officers on all levels to instruct our rituals and our proud history of fraternity and charity.

Charity is one of the pillars of our glorious order. It’s a constant challenge to devise creative ways to raise funds for charity.

Needless to say, I am looking forward to a successful year.

Participation in Knights of Pythias is hard work.

We must invest in the future.

My door is always open to new ideas.

Together we will be the change.


Respectfully Submitted
Richard E. Resnick
Grand Chancellor