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Our social and charitable activities are directed towards enhancing the great principles of the Order - FRIENDSHIP, CHARITY, and BENEVOLENCE. These principles are adhered to very strongly through contributions of money, time,  efforts and supplies to Pythians and non-Pythians alike. The eventual aim and goal is the betterment of mankind.


We reach out to each new generation because the work of fostering and strengthening our community is unfinished. We do not look at our past as a reminder of what we once were. Instead, our past shows how much we can accomplish. This is our strength. This is the calling that you are invited to join.


We can best prepare for the future by learning from the past. The Knights of Pythias is a fraternal order formed after the civil war to serve others and heal the division in the country. This nation is in a period of political polarization now just as we were at the founding of this order. We strive to bring all men together to foster the common good in our communities, for our veterans, for our children. We now have lodges across the world and in all 50 states. Our service to others is an unbroken legacy from our founding through us and into the future. You are invited to be a part of this tradition of service. Each lodge is responsible for fundraising and deciding where the funds can have the greatest impact. Join us and cast your vote and your voice toward making our community better.


The Fraternal Order of Knights of Pythias is a great International Fraternity which was founded in Washington, D.C. on February 19, 1864 by Justus Henry Rathbone. Local lodges are governed by State Grand Lodges which, in turn, are governed by The Supreme Lodge, Knights of Pythias. The primary object of the Order is to promote friendship among men and to provide for the general welfare of its membership. The outstanding principles of the Knights of Pythias are Friendship, Charity, and Benevolence. The Pythian Order does not seek to shape any person's belief, but is the practical application of spiritual and charitable principles of everyday life. We have a heritage of which we are proud and our precepts and teachings lead human beings to higher ideals of life. We invite like minded-men, over the age of 18, of all races and creeds, who are of good character, to join us in making these ideals a reality in modern living.


The strength of the Pythian Order is its ability to meet the needs of the local community as seen and accepted by the local members. There is still time to fraternize and socialize as individuals and as groups, and friendships that started years ago have managed to remain strong.